Way Behind

16 August 2003

I’m way behind on reading and posting. I may have to simply blow off part of the entries that were posted during the outage. Some web sites are providing really valuable information in fields that interest me. I’ve got to catch up on reading and studying them.

Other sites may be candidates for resumed reading, but no look back. FeedDemon doesn’t allow me to put weblogs or RSS feeds in a reading sequence within a category or listing. Instead, channels are listed alphabetically within the listing. It’s a little tough to read the highest priority sites first.

As for entries, I still have not put up any of the storm photos and I haven’t had a chance to cite some of the best of Zeldman.

I’ll try to get to that tomorrow.

HP has my laptop on the way back to me. It left San Jose via FedEx and has arrived in Memphis. It’s scheduled for delivery to me by 3:00 p.m. on Monday. I really am hoping that it is repaired this time. It will go a long way toward helping me catch up on all I need to get done.

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