Stop What You're Doing

14 August 2003

By whatever means, you’ve found this entry. Stop right now. You’re about to get a different kind of glimpse into the faith of true seekers. Unencumbered by some ritualistic formality, the true seekers of God’s grace don’t have all the answers. Instead, they struggle. They wrestle. They hurt. So stop right now and get ready to read something more than a soundbite.

>From a rather innocent pointer at Dave’s to an interview by Chris Lydon, we are directed to the Real Live Preacher.

I can’t tell you whether this is real or fiction. I haven’t read enough of it, yet. However, I know that this story is true. If it wasn’t true in the area of Texas mentioned, it’s been true through the years in countless other places.

The language is strong coming from a preacher, so be prepared. Take a look:

I met with Tom and his deacons the night he told them his family was falling apart. They were surprisingly gentle and sympathetic. They told him he could stay on as pastor. They laid hands on him and prayed for him. They promised in Jesus name they would stand behind him and walk with him through these hard days. He burst into tears because it was the first moment of grace he had received since the whole thing started.

That was Thursday night. Sunday morning they fired him…

You’ll find some wonderful insights if you read the first few entries.

This is definitely a weblog to keep your eye on if your seeking your own path out of the Rat Race!

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