10 July 2003

Ridiculous audiophile excesses could easily creep into my nature. For years I’ve been fascinated with the notion of trying to reproduce the sound quality of a live concert in a home audio system.

In the world I’m talking about wires that lead to speakers are as big as garden hoses. Amplifiers for such a system weigh several hundred pounds. Turntable, tonearm and cartridge combinations can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It is truly excess. It’s obscene excess. It can be wonderful.

Fortune’s Small Business (FSB) magazine has done an in-depth report on a manufacturer of the ultimate stereo speakers in the home audio industry. Some models range as high as $225,000 a pair with rumors of a $300, 000 product on the way.

Take a look at the article, then visit the Wilson Audio site. There is simply no way to rationalize, justify or explain yourself if you have this much invested in creature comforts, but it surely is fun to listen to somebody else’s excesses!

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