Can't See The Tree For The Branches

10 June 2003

Genealogy has never been my thing, but there’s some possibility that three family names will die with me. So, I’ve started digging a bit.

I had a grandfather who left the South in the 1920’s, spent a few years in Texas and wound up in Seattle and started a second family there. No one has done much about understanding what became of him or that family. For those reasons and more I’ve begun to snoop around a bit.

In doing so, I’ve found an excellent tool for recording the information. By no means have I made an exhaustive study of this class of software, but if you want to download something that just simply works, take a look at Legacy 4.0 from Millenia Corporation. I think you’ll like it. The standard version can be downloaded for free and the Deluxe Edition is only $19.95.

You won’t spend time doing your genealogy research, then have to spend time learning a piece of software to capture the data.

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