Back To The Grind

6 January 2003

Some are returning to work for the first time in 2003. They’ve dreamed the holidays away and now they face the grim reality of work they no longer enjoy with others in the same boat.

Clearly, these people are ”better off” than those who have been searching for work for months. However, life is much too short to spend so many hours of it without the internal rewards that come from doing something you love.

Resources abound for helping you alter your situation. I’ll repeat a few of them:

These are only a few of the best tools for seeking and starting a new direction. There are many more. You can match your personality type to a career path. You can take aptitude tests to discover what you’re best at. You can think back to what you enjoyed most in first grade and somehow find a joyful occupation.

Whatever the tool. Whatever the method. Launch a process of discovery. Discover what God is asking of you. Discover his plan, place and purpose for your life. It’s January 6, 2003. There’s no better time to start!

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