Saturday Football

23 November 2002

I really dislike the BCS and the illogical thinking behind it. For that reason (alone) I hope Michigan beats Ohio State. With as much basketball as colleges play, adding a 16-team playoff that uses the bowl sites seems like a low-cost way to give football fans what they really want.

Today, Arkansas (7-3) travels to Mississippi State (3-7). It’s a beautiful fall day here in the sunny South. State doesn’t have a chance, but desperately wants at least one conference (SEC) win this season. Get it today, get it Thanksgiving night at Ole Miss or live with it for a LONG off season.

Then there’s today’s little scrap between Alabama and Auburn in the Iron Bowl. It’s in Tuscaloosa this year and I’m hoping the Tide Rolls and wipes that silly little smirk off Tommy Tuberville’s mug.

People at Ole Miss remain livid about the way he treated them when he left for Auburn. Now, Auburn fans are enduring the rumors that smirk-face is headed for Texas A&M. Did I mention that I’m not a fan of his?

Tigers kick up flap with fake FG: With Auburn leading Mississippi State 35-14 in the fourth quarter last week, coach Tommy Tuberville decided to try a fake field goal. Mississippi State stopped Auburn but was called for being offsides. The Tigers went on to score their final touchdown in the 28-point win. Asked afterward if he wasn’t concerned about running up the score, Tuberville replied: ”My number one concern was winning the game.” Two days later he told The Huntsville Times, ”If I had to do it over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.” Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill clearly wasn’t pleased, although he said he ”probably would have been” more upset when he was younger.” ”Again, those things happen,” he said. ”One, you (have to) consider the source and you go on down the road.”

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