21 December 2003

Dane Carlson’s Bookmarks lead to an article in Fortune Magazine titled Would Ansel Adams Have Gone Digital?, and it’s a great title for those who remain convinced that film is the only way to go. Here’s a teaser:

Burkett has a ”no digital prints” symbol on his web site, www.christopherburkett.com. And that started me wondering: Does digital photography and image manipulation debase the true art of photography? Or is the digital camera a miraculous new tool that will allow photographers to achieve new levels of art?

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Consider A Gift Certificate

19 December 2003

According to Digital Photography Review, Canon is going to introduce 20 new (compact) digital cameras during 2004. If you’ve been shopping and find the choices bewildering, it will get worse!

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More Shoppers' Advice

9 December 2003

There’s a long entry with updates concerning digital cameras, web-journalism, video file formats and shopping advice at InstaPundit. I like this quote from Glenn Reynolds: ”...an essential characteristic of a web-journalism tool is extreme mobility.”

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The Next Toy?

4 December 2003

The Digital RebelThis just might be my next toy. Without putting any thought whatsoever into the technical design details of what I’m about to say, I have a suggestion for digital camera makers.

Give us the ability to upgrade the resolution of these cameras in much the same way we can upgrade the memory of them. I don’t want to scrap my camera body annually because the resolution increments by a couple of million pixels every year.

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Shopper's Guide

3 December 2003

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