Rearranging The Deck Chairs

…of the best books I’ve ever read is about hubris. Here’s what the dictionary says about … hubris:Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance: … There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris (McGeorge Bundy). I’m watching two … their leaders won’t listen. That’s hubris. In both cases there are people who don’t … The best book I ever read on the subject of hubris is about incredibly smart people who got so … · 10 November 2003

Hubris, Pure Hubris

…folk and a client with a dispute. Hubris, pure hubris! The end. … · 18 April 2002

Hubris - The Only Truthful Reason

…Spin will swirl our minds. In the end pure hubris is the cause of disasters such as this. WORLDCOM … · 26 June 2002

Why Some Technical Folk Don't Get It

Hubris is a subject we’ve covered several times … · 14 December 2005

Pretexting and Pretense at HP · 6 September 2006