262 Tractor Trailers

28 December 2006

In the early 1980’s I spent some time heading up a firm that developed computer-generated energy management models for commercial buildings. We modeled a facility using software that dealt with three primary aspects of building operation: architecture, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment.

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Preparation - Not Panic

16 June 2004

The things that get us are the things we never expect. The things we never expect are things we believe can’t happen.

Do you have a plan for your family if the price of oil goes to $100 or more per barrel? Do you understand the kind of impact such a price might have on you?

I’m not one to predict doom. I am one to understand the ”downside.” Let the sovereign rule of Iraq faulter slightly. Let a pipeline or two remain disrupted a bit longer than expected. Let terrorism linger in Saudi Arabia. Let Israel remain under attack. Let inflation creep upward at the same time interest rates rise.

It doesn’t take all of these things to see some upward pressure on gasoline prices, heating oil prices, natural gas prices and the cost of living. Do you have a plan?

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When Government Can't Jump At A Great Deal

30 March 2004

MidAmerican Energy has pulled its application to build a pipeline for $6.3 billion to bring pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope to the USA’s lower 48!

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Curling Irons And Hair Dryers

18 November 2003

”Apparently college students are showing up to campus with so many gadgets these days that some colleges and universities are starting to have problems supplying enough power to dorms…” [Gizmodo]

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Future Fuel Cells

8 September 2003

Imagine a cell phone with 12 hours of talk time and a month of standby time. That’s the kind of thing envisioned in this entry over at Gizmodo.

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