Who You Know Becomes Important Again

12 September 2003

”The rope-twirling humorist Will Rogers summed up the political thoughts of many of his fellow Americans with a memorable quote: ’This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as it does when a baby gets hold of a hammer.’”

William Blunden
CNET News.com
The Next Threat to Startups

Swim With the SharksI agree with most of what Blunden says in this article. I also believe that small businesses are perfectly positioned to take advantage of marketing techniques free of phone calls at dinner time. From the beginning of commerce as we know it, small businesses have used word-of-mouth techniques to spread their messages.

>From casual networking to the country club to the parking lot after church, good business people have been visible to their communities. Harvey Mackay has written more than one good book on the techniques that are effective and legal.

Not only are they legal, they’re professional.

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